A limited communication’ is a graphic experimental book which idea started from concerning about relationship between shape and its meaning. Up until now, several different approaches about shape have been tested and this book is focus on triangle.

The meaning of triangle might stem from denotative attribute of its shape which are tension and stability. So, triangle can signify the relationship among people, objects and imagination.
As Saussure asserted, “In a language state everything is based on relations” (Course in General Linguistics, 1915), I believe that triangle could represent brand-new way of communication as a symbol of relationship.
I would like to suggest the limited and simplified language system which based on selected
current alphabet, since we already have overwhelmed by myriad of visual information.

Where there are triangles, there are tension and stability. As usual, it has been there among People. Triangle might stand for relationship as it always exist between tension and stability just like our life.

This book is designed as a part of ‘Exploration & Innovation’ project at Communication design course of Kingston University which lectured by Ian Noble.